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Lanka — this is name of first t-shirt yarn wich made in Kaliningrad region, Russia. For best results we use only hight quality eco-friendly materials (cotton) and paint. It's yarn first series, without knots and joints.


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main material: 100% cotton
length skein: 100−110 meters
weight: 340−380 grams
needle size: 7-9 mm
you can wash it at 30 degrees
About our yarn
Our yarn is of primary production, made of 100% cotton and produced in Moscow and Kaliningrad. It stretches, has no joints and thicknesses, pleasant to the touch and can be washed at 30 degrees.
We offer yarn in rollers and skeins.
t-shirt yarn in rollers
Roller is a "semi-finished product". To start knitting, you need to pull it. To do this is quite simple, you need to pull the tape in different directions and it will collapse. In the section "Yarn" you can buy yarn in rollers.

Roller width: 28-30 mm
Length: 80-85 meters
Weight: 340-380 grams
t-shirt yarn in hanks
The Hank is the wound roller, from it it is already possible to knit products to the taste. Buy knitted yarn in Hanks can be in the section "Yarn".

length skein: 100−110 meters
weight: 340−380 grams
needle size: 7-9 mm
what to get from one skein
From one skein of yarn you have:
- basket of about 20x20 cm
- clutch or handbag
- coasters-napkins for the kitchen
- a little pillow-star
- tablet cotton case
- etc

Used for crochet hooks offer 7-10 or spokes. In the section "Accessories" you will find everything you need.
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